She really enjoyed it

Hey boy, are you alright? Get your meat hooks off of me. Jennifer. But I can’t go to the dance, I’ll miss my favorite television program, Science Fiction Theater. Ah. Whoa.

Alright, punk, now- Well looky what we have here. No no no, you’re staying right here with me. Marty, are you alright? Who are you? The storm.

You’re gonna break his arm. Biff, leave him alone. Let him go. Let him go. Flux capacitor. Yeah but George, Lorraine wants to go with you. Give her a break. Alright, okay. Alright, there she is, George. Just go in there and invite her. Oh no, don’t touch that. That’s some new specialized weather sensing equipment.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute, Doc. Are you telling me that it’s 8:25? You got a permit for that? Hey wait, wait a minute, who are you? Stella, another one of these damn kids jumped in front of my car. Come on out here, help me take him in the house. Look at the time, you’ve got less than 4 minutes, please hurry. Sam, here’s the young man you hit with your car out there. He’s alright, thank god.

The car, Dad, I mean He wrecked it, totaled it. I needed that car tomorrow night, Dad, I mean do you have any idea how important this was, do you have any clue? Doc, you don’t just walk into a store and ask for plutonium. Did you rip this off? yes, Joey just loves being in his playpen. he cries whenever we take him out so we just leave him in there all the time. Well Marty, I hope you like meatloaf. You bet. Please, Marty, don’t tell me, no man should know too much about their own destiny.


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Wait a minute, wait a minute. 1:15 in the morning? Let’s get you into a radiation suit, we must prepare to reload. Uh, Doc. You bet. Doc?

Hey you, get your damn hands off, oh. Wait a minute. Wait a minute, Doc. Are you telling me that it’s 8:25? Well, they’re your parents, you must know them. What are their common interests, what do they like to do together? I just wanna use the phone. Don’t pay any attention to him, he’s in one of his moods. Sam, quit fiddling with that thing, come in here to dinner. Now let’s see, you already know Lorraine, this is Milton, this is Sally, that’s Toby, and over there in the playpen is little baby Joey.